Group Of Happy Cleaners Standing With Cleaning Equipments In Office

  • CHOPC professional staff utilizes the industry’s most eco-friendly cleaning products to leave behind a spic-and-span environment for employees to work. We take a systematic approach in our work to ensure our customers receive the maximum benefits.
  • Call us today to discuss how we can build you a customized one-time cleaning package that will leave your past or future property spotless.

When It’s All Said And Done

House cleaning is a tedious chore to most people, and it is entirely understandable, the time and effort that goes into keeping the house clean and neat is quite a lot, and many people would gladly use the additional cleaning help. CHOPC offers its customers a comprehensive and quality range of house cleaning services that can be ordered at short notice with no change of price. All house cleaning/office jobs are carried out by trained professional domestic cleaners that know how to perform effectively and efficiently within the specified amount of time.

Regular house cleaning appointments are available for booking throughout the entire week, including weekends and public holidays. If the job in question is substantial or customers need it done at a specific time, CHOPC will dispatch a team of cleaners to visit you. The house cleaning service covers the entire house and any other specific areas that may need cleaning. The service includes complete clean up of all rooms and living areas. All floors, rugs and carpets will be thoroughly vacuumed. All floor levels will be mopped and polished to a professional finish. Our cleaners will not shy away from dusting and polishing of sensitive glass objects like light fixtures, as those need to be in pristine condition as well. The kitchen is another area of the house where customers need visible results. These are why we pay special attention to the kitchen, including the dining area and the meal preparation area. All appliances, including the fridge and freezer, will be part of the cleaning. Sinks, taps and basins will be scrubbed and polished.