The Deep cleaning service is used when concentrated attention is needed in individual rooms or areas. We offer a detailed and thorough cleanup of a customer-specified section of the house or the entire property. The Deep cleaning service aims to cover all aspects of house cleaning with attention to all the fine detail. customers may prefer to have a Deep Cleaning Done once a month to maintain the overall look and feel of the interior cleanliness, and others may prefer once every 3 months.

Many of our customers have opted for deep cleaning as a precondition to moving into a new place. Customers should be aware that the Deep cleaning service is more time and effort consuming, which of course yields better results. CHOPC advises customers to perform a proper deep cleaning of the property as an alternative to those endless here and endless here and there clean-ups over the weekend which doesn’t do much besides waste your free time and your cleaning materials.

Deep cleaning of the entire property is the ideal solution to save time, money and effort from annoying cleaning chores that bug you. CHOPC gives you the option of having the deep cleaning done in specific rooms or for the whole house in general, it is comprehensive and covers everything from top to bottom.

Our Customers may leave out special products they may prefer for CHOPC to use for any specific room they may want to get serviced CHOPC gives its customers a free, no-obligation quote upon their request, the quotes are prepared at the per-job basis and are reflective of the actual amount of work to be done. For detailed information on what is included in the deep clean, please contact our customer service department.